President’s Note

Now that we are finally clear of covid-19 restrictions it will be good to see familiar faces at this month’s club meeting and catch up on how the fishing has been once the restrictions were lifted. I have had a couple of trips to Turangi, and while there were a lot of people on the river, I mostly found some space to get into areas that I wished to fish and had some success. If you are planning a trip, check out the various fishing reports provided by Turangi retailers and guides. They are all good value and often offer some interesting tips.

I liked the following quote from Sporting Life; and referenced by Tongariro River Motel:

I have found myself on the odd occasion lately being lazy with my nymph setup and not changing the leader or flies to suit when changing water and found myself missing opportunities I should have capitalised on with a few easy adjustments. Don’t be like me guys, do the small things you need first to maximize the big picture.

This month we have the AGM. Under the shadow of covid-19, the Club’s activities have been limited this year, but it would be good to see some new faces join the committee. Its not a particularly onerous role, but its important that we continue get new members on the Committee to help refresh the thinking and help the Club be
relevant to members’ interests.

Following the AGM, Heather, Warren and Strato will provide us with a presentation covering their last trip to Argentina.

Tight lines all