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Trout Miller’s Wife

Truite Meunière (French)Forelle Műllerin (German) Millers running a water mill had usually easy access to trout. Their wives created a dish which became very popular across many European countries. In the old times, you would find it on most restaurant menus. Feeds two – Preparation time 20 minutes • 1 medium sized whole trout• 80 […]

Svenska Forell (föring), Swedish Trout

Feeds two – Preparation time 30 minutes • 1 medium sized whole trout• 4 medium sized tomatoes cut in halves• 4-6 dried figs• 4-6 prunes• Zucchini and Carrots cut into fine sticks, a bunch of parsley• 200 ml dry white wine• 200 ml cream• Salt and pepper Season the cleaned and dried trout inside and […]

Fly of the Month: November 2020

Humpy This is a very useful summer pattern. The Humpy seems to suggest a variety of different insects when tied in a range of sizes. It has buoyancy so can support a nymph in quite turbulent water. The Royal Humpy variation has white wings and is clearly visible in rough water. Hook TMC 9300 size […]


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