Fly Tying

Club members get together once a month to practice fly tying techniques and to tie a selected fly of the month which suits the fishing for the region’s rivers and lakes for the time of year.

Suitable for novice and experienced fly tyers alike, it’s an open and friendly catch up to learn new skills and patterns. The Club provides all the materials and tools if you’re just getting started and for more experienced fly tyers your welcome to bring your own.

If any member has suggestions for fly patterns they would like to see tied at the fly tying meetings please let us know. This will give an opportunity to plan ahead and order materials in advance.

Venue:Tararua Tramping Club Locker Room (Access through side door on north side of building)
Date:3rd Monday of every month apart from January
Time:7.30 pm

This months fly…

Royal Wulff

The Royal Wulff is a must have in any fly box, especially deadly on Rainbows who find it hard to resist. Originated by master angler Lee Wulff around 1930 to imitate a beetle, it has stood the test of time virtually unchanged ever since.

Royal Wulff
HookTMC 9300 size #10-16
Thread6/0 black or red
WingWhite calf body hair
TailMoose mane or similar
BodyPeacock herl separated by red floss or thread