Fly of the Month: July 2020

Woolly Bugger – Green (Olive)

Has become a very well performing lure especially for the Taupo rivers and lakes. Can be used with or without a bead and what you are trying to imitate. A small green woolly bugger fished slowly in the lake margins without a heavy bead is excellent as a damsel nymph imitation.

Bead Head Woolly Bugger – Olive
Hook4 – 12 Long shank
WeightLead Wire (optional)
TailBlack Marabou fibres
BodyGreen or olive chenille
RibbingRound tinsel or wire
HackleSoft olive or grizzle hackle fibres


  1. Add bead (gold or black) with small hole first
  2. Tie thread on hook and then take thread to bend of hook
  3. Wind on lead wire if you are using this option and cover the thread
  4. Tail – use end of marabou feather after you have pinched off the ends. (Don’t cut with scissors). If using the lower part of the marabou feather strip it off the stem and tie a bunch at the tail.
  5. Ribbing – tie in a length of round gold tinsel and let it hang
  6. Tie tip of hackle feather in front of tail and let hang
  7. Strip 5mm of chenille off core and tie onto hook on front of tail
  8. Wrap chenille from tail to behind bead. If your chenille is thin you may need to wrap two or three depths of chenille
  9. Wrap hackle feather in 5 mil wraps to head and tie off behind bead
  10. Wrap gold tinsel to the head in opposite direction to hackle. Wiggle it as you wrap which will ensure you don’t trap too many hackle feathers. Tie off behind the head.