Svenska Forell (föring), Swedish Trout

Feeds two – Preparation time 30 minutes

• 1 medium sized whole trout
• 4 medium sized tomatoes cut in halves
• 4-6 dried figs
• 4-6 prunes
• Zucchini and Carrots cut into fine sticks, a bunch of parsley
• 200 ml dry white wine
• 200 ml cream
• Salt and pepper

Season the cleaned and dried trout inside and outside with salt and pepper.

Place the trout into and across a baking dish.

Surround the trout with the vegetables and dried fruit; divide the bunch of parsley into four pieces and place into the corners of the baking dish.

Pour over the vegetables, wine and cream

Cook the trout for 25-35 min. on 160°C. or until well cooked through.

Sides: Basmati rice and a green salad.

Strålande aptit!

Brigitte & Rolf

Svenska Forell (föring), Swedish Trout