Classic New Zealand Smoked Trout

Hardware: I recommend to use or buy a Portable Maxistrike Fish Smoker
available for 35$ from The Warehouse.

If you own a Weber BBQ, you can add a smoker element at extra cost.

Use a medium sized rainbow or brown trout, cleaned and dried.

You also need some methylated spirit and wood chips, preferably
Manuka, a small bag being available for $9.

Marinating the trout: Place the fish on a dish and cover both sides inside
and out with a thin layer of rock salt, brown sugar and fresh dill
(if unavailable, use dried dill). Cover it with plastic foil and let it rest for
3-4 hours in the fridge.

Put the chips on the bottom of the smoker, the trout on top of the crate; if
it’s a big trout, on the lower, a smaller trout on the upper crate.

Cover the smoker with the lid, pour some spirit into the bowl provided,
place it centrally under the smoker and light it. I usually put a brick on
top of the lid for better results.

Depending on the size, your trout should be ready after 20/30 minutes
cooking time. If in doubt, test by trying to tear out the dorsal fin.

Sides: Potato gratin and green salad.


Rolf & Brigitte Brednich

Classic New Zealand Smoked Trout