Fly of the Month: July 2022

Orange Rabbit

Some lures are essential for the central Plateau. Along with Red Setter, Craig’s Night-time, Smelt, Woolly Bugger and floating Glo-Bug – the Orange Rabbit completes the basic selection.

An easy to tie pattern that works particularly well in Taupo’s rivers.

Orange Rabbit
HookTMC 5262 size #2 – #10
ThreadBlack Mono
TailOrange hackle fibres
RibSilver oval tinsel
BodyOrange chenille
WingNatural or grey rabbit fur strip
HackleNatural or Gray hackle


  1. Tie in thread at bend
  2. Tie in orange tail fibres to the bend
  3. Tie in tinsel at bend and let hang
  4. Tie in orange chenille at bend and wrap thread to head, then wrap chenille to head.
  5. Trim rabbit skin at front end to a point.
  6. Tie in pointed end of rabbit at head
  7. Wrap tinsel over rabbit to head (3 wraps) trying not to catch fur and tie off behind head.
  8. Tie in brown hackle feather at head and wrap 2 or 3 times.
  9. Tie off.