Fly of the Month: March 2023

Parson’s Glory

Natural: Cockabullies (small fish)
Type: Lure style, wet
Colours: Red/yellow/green
Best sizes: 2 – 8
Line: Sinking
Location: Lakes, river mouths
Season: All Season
Time of day: Not critical but best at change of light
Fishing method: Best fished on or near bottom. Allow time for fly to sink after casting. Retrieval, medium to fast in jerky or steady manner. Use yellow or red body in daylight, lime green at dawn and dusk. Keep rod tip at 45 degrees when retrieving to absorb shock of sudden strike.

Narative from – Flies That Catch Trout – The New Zealand Anglers
Waterside Guide

Parson’s Glory
Hook Lure hooks size #2 – #8
TailRed whisks
BodyYellow, Red or Lime Green chenille
RibOval gold or silvery tinsel
WingHoney grizzle hackle
HackleCollar Honey grizzle hackle